API scripts: Get more from your EFT Server

#27 TOP TIP for Globalscape EFT Server: EFT API calls allow you to get much more value out of your solution. Whether that’s enabling scripting of some basic admin functions, or more complicated activities, this top tip will get you started.

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EFT 7.4.11 and how to get it

#26 TOP TIP  for Globalscape EFT Server One of our most common inquiries on the support desk is from users wanting help upgrading their EFT system. Now EFT 7.4.11 is available, we thought it was a good opportunity to remind everyone of the process. We’ll also take a...

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#25 TOP TIP  for Globalscape EFT Server Could DLP could have prevented the Morrisons data breach where a member of staff leaked personal data of over 100,000 employees? EFT Server uses ICAP Scanning to deliver Antivirus (AV) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)....

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Purging old data from your ARM database

#24 TOP TIP  for Globalscape EFT Server A few months back we sent you a top tip with simple pointers to clean up the settings on your EFT Server. This prompted several of you to book EFT health checks, where we uncovered many users with the Auditing and Reporting...

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