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Remote Agents Webinar

Remote agents help you get so much more from your Globalscape infrastructure. Businesses can automate interactions between branch offices, point-of-sale terminals, business partners, field agent laptops, or other remote systems, and your EFT server residing at head...

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Evaluating a New Module for EFT Server

In order to evaluate an EFT Server module, you'll need a temporary license specifically generated for your system. Once you have this temporary license, you will need to register the module. Login to the EFT Administration console as an administrative account. From...

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EFT 7.4.13

#29 TOP TIP  for Globalscape EFT Server Globalscape have announced the release of EFT 7.4.13. This new version introduces several security and compliance related enhancements, while also improving performance, compatibility, collaboration, and automation capabilities....

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EFT automation: A quick guide

Globalscape EFT Server allows you to build complex variables into workflows without scripting. This video provides an overview of automation in EFT. It is the first in a series of videos Globalscape will be sharing with users this year, with the aim of helping them...

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EFT 7.4.11 and how to get it

#26 TOP TIP  for Globalscape EFT Server One of our most common inquiries on the support desk is from users wanting help upgrading their EFT system. Now EFT 7.4.11 is available, we thought it was a good opportunity to remind everyone of the process. We’ll also take a...

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Could DLP could have prevented the Morrisons data breach where a member of staff leaked personal data of over 100,000 employees? EFT Server uses ICAP Scanning to deliver Antivirus (AV) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). This top tip provides a brief introduction and...

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Top tips for Globalscape EFT ARM

Top tips for Globalscape EFT ARM Purging old data from your ARM database, generating reports and moreThis article will help you get more from the Globalscape EFT Advanced Reporting Module (ARM). It includes a guide to purging your ARM database, tips on generating...

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