Upgrading and Enhancing Globalscape EFT and DMZ Gateway

Globalscape EFT, like any system, requires regular maintenance to stay efficient compliant, and secure. It can be all too easy for businesses to set up their Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution and delay upgrading, because if it works – it works right? Yet, with regular enhancements and changing file transfer requirements, it can quickly stack up.

In this top tip, I’ll cover the essential points to consider when upgrading and enhancing your Globalscape EFT server and DMZ Gateway.

Why upgrade to the latest Globalscape EFT server?

The latest Globalscape EFT version is fully supported, so you can be sure that your system is compliant and secure. Another benefit is that you’ll have access to lots of new features to play with too.

All EFT versions v7.4 and older are no longer supported, and this is the same for OS as well, you will need to make sure you have your server at the minimum of Windows 2016 or above (2019 is the preferred version for EFT and DMZ Gateway).

Are you considering migrating into the cloud?

This would be a good opportunity to consider if would like to keep your Globalscape EFT and DMZ Gateway server on-premises or migrate them into the cloud using AWS or Azure.

EFT Module Names (old and new)

If you are on a version that is older than v8.0.4.27 the upgrade process will be done in steps to get you to the latest version (this can be as many as five upgrade steps). Another consideration will be with licensing as the models have had their names updated in the newer version (8.0.7) (See table below) As independent MFT experts, our team of tech specialists can offer support. Take a look at the managed services options available to you here.



Should you include a Globalscape DMZ Gateway?

It might also be a good opportunity to include a Globalscape DMZ Gateway (latest version Having a DMZ Gateway improves your security by using a two-way connection originating inside Globalscape EFT, the DMZ Gateway acts as a communication proxy that replaces inherently insecure inbound connections from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to your network

Should you include a high availability Globalscape EFT server?

As your Globalscape EFT server grows in service to support your business needs, it goes from being a supportive service to a business-critical solution.

Upgrading your current version of EFT into a high availability application with Active-Active or Active-Passive allows you to always be on service. It will also have horizontal scalability to support larger file transfer and event rule processing workloads and allows you to upgrade EFT without downtime.

Make the most out of upgrading

Below are some tips when planning your upgrade and some enhancements recommended to make the most of your Globalscape EFT experience and usage.


  1. Speak with Pro2col your EFT experts who will help you along your journey of upgrading, migrating, and configuring your EFT and DMZ servers
  2. When you have decided on your route to upgrading/migrating ensure your system is backed up, this can be done using EFT either using the event rule job or from the top menu – select File and then select Backup Server Configuration
  3. If you are using ARM reporting always update this at the same time EFT gets updated and have the Database account name and password ready for the upgrade
  4. Check what user is running the EFT service and again ensure you have these details
  5. Do some essential housekeeping on your EFT server, by removing old sites and users that are no longer need
  6. Relax and sit back as the experts from Pro2col upgrade you to the latest version


  1. Add a DMZ Gateway (highly recommend)
  2. As your business grows think about if you need to make EFT into a high availability version with either Active-Active or Active-Passive
  3. Add on a new module to further enhance your EFT experience and add functionality that is beneficial to both you and your business – such as ARM reports, Events rules, or Advanced Authentication Modes Module (AAMM) depending on your business need.

If you would like to know more about upgrading your solution, speak to our EFT experts and we’ll be able to help you on your MFT journey.

Whatever you choose, speak with Pro2col and our Account managers and EFT experts will help you on your journey.




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