Available For SMB & Enterprise – Version 6.5 or later



Developed for use with EFT, the Mobile Transfer Client (MTC) mobile app allows your employees to use their own mobile devices to access corporate data while keeping your network secure within the organizational boundaries. With MTC, your organization has the right balance of employee productivity, efficiency, and corporate data security, allowing employees to be on the move with secure access to files stored on EFT.

Secure and Control Your Data

MTC keeps files safe and secure while in transit and while at rest. MTC ensures that only authorized personnel can access information, and encrypts files in a storage vault for users that need to work offline. IT retains full control over all policies that MTC enforces, such as saving the profile password, saving files to the MTC vault, sharing files as email attachments, and more.

Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

New-user onboarding is as simple as a single click. When you set up EFT accounts to use MTC, EFT will send a link to the user. After the MTC app is downloaded and installed on the user devices, they can click a link in their email, and their profile will be created and logged in (if you have sent the username and the password with the link). Depending on the permissions defined for the account in EFT, users can upload, download, preview, open in an external viewer, add to the vault, share, rename or delete files, and create folders.


  • Secure access from mobile phones
  • Control mobile devices
  • Easy to use on mobile
  • Visibility of users sessions on mobile

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