Scalable, flexible and ideal for SMBs

Scalable, flexible and ideal for SMBs

Globalscape secure ftp server, EFT Express, formerly Globalscape EFT SMB, is fully scalable to fit your business needs and can be upgraded with modules to provide advanced features, as needed.

EFT Express can improve upon secure FTP and SFTP server integration and provide the advantage of automated data exchanges, military-proven security, and infrastructure stability for small-to-medium businesses.

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Quick, secure and easy-to-use file sharing

EFT Express replaces insecure legacy systems, homegrown servers, expensive leased lines and VANs. It is a simple, secure and easy-to-use alternative.

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Fast set up

Get an SFTP server up and running in hours as opposed to days.

Simple to use

Easy administration and simple-to-use end user interfaces for employees and partners.

Event triggers

Run scripts and send emails based on event triggers.

Flexible configuration

On premise, in the cloud and hybrid set up options available to suit your infrastructure.

Scalable platform

Modular set up allows growth with you and it is easy to add extra functionality.


Active Directory, ODBC, NTLM, or built in user authentication.


What do Globalscape say about us?

“Pro2col is one of our preferred partners in the UK, providing software support for the Globalscape products. They have highly technically trained staff and essentially serve as an extension of the Globalscape team in the UK.”

Trusted by our customers

We work with large organisations and smaller businesses, across multiple industries, delivering the right data transfer and file sharing solutions to fit their needs.

Below are just a few of the organisations we have worked with and what they have to say about us.

“Pro2col understands the marketplace and provided a system that was appropriate and cost-effective within our business. No hard sell just honest advice and a willingness to get it right.”

Darren Batchelor, Saga PLC

“Pro2col have been fantastically patient and have gone above and beyond the call of duty in making sure that we made the right decision and chose a product that was suitable for us.”

Sam Wong, Brit Insurance

“Pro2col resolved a problem for my company with the minimum of fuss and with an excellent product that we still use today.”

Mark Unstead, CC Media Group
  • FIS
  • Northern Gas
  • Metropolitan
  • NHS Scotland
  • Diabetes
  • Wandsworth
  • Williams Lea
  • Well Pharmacy
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