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As part of EFT, the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) Module allows you to streamline business processes without limitations imposed by legacy systems and applications. AWE extends EFT Event Rules with event-driven, real-time processing of more than 200 automated actions. With AWE’s intuitive workflow programming interface, administrators can easily create sophisticated file transfer automation and integration workflows without the need for code, scripting, or complicated batch files.


Manage Sophisticated Workflows

With AWE’s intuitive workflow functionality, application development requires less time and less training. Simply drag-and-drop or fill-in-the-blank to customize commands, reducing human error and delay. AWE reduces time spent on repetitive manual processes and monitoring operations and accelerates the flow of business-critical information.

AWE integrates secure file transfer processes with Active Directory, SharePoint Server, Microsoft Excel, non-Windows systems (via telnet or terminal emulation), web services, and much more. AWE enables unattended processing of third-party applications, custom programs, and batch files, and can connect with SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, or any ODBC-compliant database to access or update critical information.

Easily Define Complex Processes

AWE provides tools for conditional branching and decision-making within workflows; compressing, decompressing, encrypting, decrypting files; folder synchronization and backup; file reading, text manipulation, XML parsing, and extensive error-handling features, which enable administrators to proactively respond to potential problems.


  • Create automated workflows without scripting
  • Drag and drop and fill in the blank workflow design
  • XML based, reusable and shareable
  • Easily define complex processes
  • Integrate with Active Directory, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server and others

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