The New Version of EFT is here

A new release from one of our products gives us chance to get our hands dirty, testing out new features and functionality baked into the latest version of our favourite MFT products. There have been a small number of enhancements since version

  • Updated OpenSAML OpenSSL library to v1.1.1t (libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll and libssl-1_1-x64.dll); everything else SSL-related uses OpenSSL v1.1.1o.

  • Added exception handling on Azure blob::download_attributes function calls

However, there have been a number of fixes released to previous version bugs and security patches, We would advise reading through the EFT release notes before upgrading to this version to see if the value is there before upgrading.

Please check the release notes here:

Should you upgrade?

We would only advise upgrading if you are currently experiencing any issues which are fixed in the above release notes.

EFT v8.1.0.9

Fortra (previously Globalscape) have released a new version of EFT – version which has a large number of new features and enhancements.

High Availability Cluster :

Administrators can now perform node upgrades with “Zero Downtime” which now means you can upgrade your cluster without stopping all nodes at the same time. Under the HA Tab you now have a new “Upgrade State” area.

EFT new release 1

The button will be displayed as “Begin” when upgrades have not been started and the button will be displayed as End when upgrades have been completed. Please be aware that Administrators can enable the End state at any point, but nodes that have not been upgraded will fail to start until they are upgraded.

EFT new release 2

On the High Availability tab, you must manually put the cluster into the Upgrade state, upgrade each node one by one, then after the upgrade has been completed successfully, manually transition the cluster back to the normal state.

Folders and Workspaces:

There are a lot of new features surrounding virtual folders and workspaces.

  • New feature to map Site root folder to cloud storage, When creating a new site you now have the option to select cloud storage as a site root. Please note that The cloud storage location must exist; EFT will not create it.

  • You are now able to map virtual folders to cloud storage. When creating a new virtual folder you now are able to use the cloud storage option on the type dropdown.

  • Upload quota is an optional limitation at the VFS level and is calculated using traffic into the VFS folder and not the files on the disk itself. You can set the upload quota at the root or a subfolder level but unfortunately not both. To enable upload quotas head over to the VFS tab and then select the folder that you want to impose the limit to.

  • Added 5 free Workspaces seats when HTTPS module is licensed.

Other Enhancements:

  • Updated EFT from a 32-bit application to a 64-bit application for improved processing
  • Updated DMZ Gateway Log4j library to v2.17
  • Updated RSA library to v8.6
  • Updated OpenPGP library to v20.0.8136
  • Updated OpenSSL library to v1.1.1o
  • EFT templates are now all in one location

If you have a HA deployment, upgrading will benefit you with any future downtime for maintenance, or have a cloud storage resource you would like to utilise more than an upgrade would be well worth it.


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