The Globalscape UK & Ireland User Group 2022

The Globalscape UK and Ireland User Group is back for 2022. Hosted by Pro2col, the event is free and primarily aimed at existing users of Globalscape EFT. It’s a great opportunity for users to share-learning, interact and network with industry professionals. The sessions are designed to deliver exclusive insights to help businesses make the most out of their EFT solution. With a range of topics to look forward to, this event is also suitable for those just starting their EFT journey.

When is the Event?

Thursday 5th May 2022

Where is the event?

The event will be hosted online. Once registered, attendees will receive details of the event platform.

What’s the cost?

Free. There is no cost.


What to expect?

  • An overview of the MFT Marketplace

    James Lewis
    Managing Director, Pro2col

This session includes exclusive insight into the future of the MFT marketplace, based on information from our Gartner business partnership and our experts' knowledge, gained across 16+ years of specialising in this technology.

  • EFT upgrades

    Richard Auger
    Principal Technical Consultant, Pro2col

This includes a full review of the recent 8.0.7 upgrade, which saw express and enterprise merge into a single entity. This session will go over the core changes and what this means for existing express and enterprise users, helping businesses decide if an upgrade is necessary.

  • Understand, Govern, Protect

    Nick Hogg
    Director Technical Training, HelpSystems

Learn about the current data protection challenges, and how Globalscape integrates with other HelpSystems products to enhance your security infrastructure.

  • Managed Services

    Chris Payne
    Technical Director, Pro2col

A walk through of how Managed Services can support your ongoing EFT journey.

  • ICAP Redaction

    Richard Auger

    Principal Technical Consultant, Pro2col

An introduction into ICAP Redaction, what it is and how to utilise it to keep your files secure. This session will include a practical demonstration.

  • Globalscape Roadmap


An outline of what to expect from Globalscape EFT. This will help you plan ahead in line with expected changes.

Register for the event

Book your spot here. We look forward to seeing you there!

Any Questions?

Our team are on hand to answer any questions regarding the event or EFT in general. Please get in touch or you can reach us on 0808 599 0196.



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