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Securing your Administrator Access

Dec 22, 2016 | EFT, Top Tips

Globalscape EFT server allows administrators to authenticate login credentials using either in-built authentication or, if the High Security Module has been licensed, using an Active Directory account.

AD Accounts are recommended for administrators as these are unique for each administrator and have security policies enforced against them. If administrators do not use AD accounts, then EFT can manage account password complexity, expiry and lockouts. By default these settings are all turned off but it is recommended to enable these for all EFT managed administration accounts.

To configure the options, navigate inside EFT to the server’s “administration” pane. Selecting an administrator account, will allow you to set the account policy and password policy.

Account policy setting will enable you to set what happens if too many incorrect admin login requests are received, account expiration settings and how long to leave an administration session before terminating it for inactivity.

Password length, complexity history and reset options can all be configured from the “password policy” button.

In addition to ensuring your account password settings are configured, securing remote access is also recommended but is also not set as default.

If you have remote access enabled, you should secure it using SSL as all settings, including passwords, will be transmitted in plain text between the administration client and the server.

You can reuse an existing certificate pair, assuming you have the correct private key and password, or create a new certificate pair from the “create” button inside the SSL configuration box. Although the certificate created will be self-signed certificate, it does not need to be signed as you will be prompted to trust or reject the certificate when you connect to the server.

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