In their latest software version release, 7.2.2, Globalscape have released three new automation modules for Enhanced File Transfer™ SMB Server. EFT SMB offers an operationally efficient and secure file transfer solution, far exceeding any legacy or ad hoc file transfer solution. Organisations can use EFT SMB for secure file transfer, fast and intuitive setup, advanced automation, real-time visibility into data transfers, and much more.

Ad hoc file transfer solutions often force you to find workarounds to manage your data workflows and processes. Those who try to find workarounds like manual processes or programming with scripts often find themselves facing added challenges and limitations that could impact reliability or accuracy. Through these new EFT SMB automation modules, you can automatically transfer secure files that are protected at rest and in transit.

EFT SMB Automation

New Automation Modules

The new automation modules allow you to add enterprise-level automation to EFT SMB Server, with only the purchase of the module necessary.

  • The Folder Monitor module creates an Event Rule trigger used to detect the creation, deletion, and renaming of files in a monitored folder, and to perform Actions based on these triggers. For example, perhaps a weekly report is uploaded to a specific folder. You can define an Event Rule so that when EFT SMB detects that a file has been added to the folder, and an email is sent to notify one or more users that the report is available for download.
  • The Timer module allows you to execute a specified Action only one time or to repeat at specified intervals. For example, you could schedule an Action to occur on July 8 at midnight, or every Monday morning, or on the last Friday of every month at 2 a.m.
  • The File Transfer Client module enables EFT SMB admins to define copy, move, and download actions in Event Rules. For example, you could define a rule to trigger when a file is downloaded, so that EFT SMB moves it to another folder.

Also, built-in to EFT SMB is the Command interface through which you can define custom commands to trigger programs, scripts, or batch files from a command line or in client such as CuteFTP®.

EFT SMB can automate the delivery of data when it’s needed, instead of when you have time to do it, to increase your day-to-day productivity and overall operational efficiency.


Built in to EFT SMB:

  • Run executables, batch files, and scripts as specific events occur
  • Send notification email when specific event occurs

With the addition of modules:

  • Perform OpenPGP operations as files are uploaded or downloaded
  • Copy/move/download files automatically
  • Generate reports
  • Monitor folders for changes
  • Schedule events to occur on specific dates, times, days of the week, days of the month

Upgrading your EFT Environment

Upgrading EFT can appear daunting and time consuming, you have to backup your data, backup your settings, update your development “sandbox,” then push it to production–assuming everything goes well. Upgrading software like EFT can be a huge decision that might require approval from several departments, with pressure to ensure all goes smoothly.

Wait! – Pro2col can help!

Contact our support engineers today to plan your upgrade or get the upgrade instructions and your new registration serial number – support@pro2colgroup.com / 0333 123 1260.


Globalscape End of Life Policy

Usually Globalscape “EOL” a product when there are two newer versions available. However, because of the number of customers who were still happily using version 6.5, they chose to delay the end of support for that version. Now the end date for EFT version 6.5 is on March 2, 2016.

If you have a current Maintenance and Support plan, you can get the upgrade to the new version for free. Why don’t you upgrade today?  If you don’t have a current maintenance plan – please contact one of our Globalscape consultants on 0207 118 9640.