EFT’s Remote Agent Module (RAM) allows organisations to perform unattended file transfers between remote locations and corporate headquarters with centralised control. RAM’s capabilities make it easy for organisations to quickly scale and meet business needs in real time.
Without a comprehensive tool in place, IT administrators are often required to create custom code or scripts and develop the appropriate business logic to automate transfers. This can be an unsustainable task, given the potential for human error and security vulnerabilities, as well as the time consuming, repetitive nature of creating these functionalities.


  • Instruct remote agents to process files arriving in a monitored “hot” folder and/or to retrieve or send files to corporate on a schedule
  • Remove the need for admins to deploy and update remote automation scripts
  • Eliminate the need to deploy insecure, third-party FTP or SFTP clients
  • Quickly deploy the RAM package and easily accommodate changing needs of remote offices or branches

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