EFT Server Comparison

EFT Server comes in two editions: SMB and Enterprise. Here you can do an EFT Server Comparison to see which edition is best for your organisation.


The Enterprise Edition is a much better fit for organisations that need robust automation, to comply with regulations and policies, or other advanced MFT capabilities.  It includes some of the modules that can be added to EFT SMB such as the SFTP Module and HTTPS Module – plus, there are a selection of advanced modules that can be added if you require more functionality as your business grows.


EFT SMB is fully scalable to fit your business needs and can be upgraded with modules to provide advanced features, as needed. So its great for growing businesses or small to medium-sized organisations.
As with our Enterprise managed file transfer solution, EFT SMB can improve upon secure FTP and SFTP server integration and provide the advantage of automated data exchanges, military-proven security, and infrastructure stability for small-to-medium businesses.

EFT SMB boosts operational efficiency by combining a powerful server with an automated client module. Our managed file transfer software gives you the best of both secure file transfer components through advanced automation and a powerful server, all in one platform



  • Get an SFTP server up and running in hours as opposed to days
  • On premise, in the cloud and hybrid options available
  • Easy administration and end user interfaces
  • Active Directory, ODBC, NTLM, or built in user authentication
  • Run scripts and send emails based on event triggers
  • End user access via browser
  • Flexible modular platform allows you to choose only the features you need when you need them


  • Create automated workflows without scripting
  • Two-factor authentication, folder monitor, scheduled transfers
  • You can be up and running in hours instead of days
  • Easy administration and end-user interfaces
  • On-premises, in the cloud, and hybrid options available
  • Integrate with Active Directory, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, and others


EFT is modularly built so that you can add features to address specific requirements, including superior security, automated data processes, enhanced visibility, and file sharing.
The flexible, modular approach to the licensing is accompanied by a per server-instance license. There are no limitations on the number of connections, users, bandwidth, or CPU utilization for the product. Except in the case of the file sharing modules which are licensed per user. All module features are available during the 30-day trial.
Below you can find the modules for EFT. Some modules are only available in certain editions which you can see on the comparison datasheet or om the relevant product page.