What does 2021 have in store for Globalscape?

This update includes information about HelpSystems’ commitment to Globalscape users, plus details of the Globalscape EFT product roadmap.

HelpSystems’ commitment to Globalscape

As you know, HelpSystems acquired Globalscape just over four months ago. HelpSystems restated their commitment to supporting and developing EFT, and demonstrated that commitment by sharing a roadmap for 2021. They acknowledge that EFT is integral to many users’ infrastructure, with intricate and complex deployments.

Senior Director of Operations at HelpSystems, Alfredo Rodriguez said: “There’s a stable product, customers love it. We want to continue to support and enhance it. Customers are big advocates for this product set and we want to make sure we listen to those voices and take the action that’s appropriate to the things we hear.”

Becoming part of the HelpSystems product suite brings a number of benefits. It will enable integration between EFT and other data security and automation solutions. Combined, these intuitive, user friendly products seamlessly span the organisations’ complete data requirements: to understand, govern and protect data. For example, what data do you have? How can you control it and keep it secure? How can you share it, risk free?
An example product pairing is EFT and Clearswift. EFT does not provide content inspection of the traffic that flows through it. Integrating with Clearswift DLP will add threat protection and data loss prevention to file transfers. This stops viruses entering and sensitive data leaving by accident, by passing content to Clearswift to be scanned.

A recap on EFT 8.0.4

EFT 8.0.4 was released in November. If you haven’t upgraded yet, we’d recommend you do so as soon as possible. There are a number of really valuable enhancements, which are detailed in Pro2col’s recent 8.0.4 top tip. In summary, these include:
  • Enhancements to multi-factor authentication
  • Workspaces: users can now view sent and received items in the transaction history, just like a sent items record in an email platform
  • Secure upload forms: collect additional metadata with associated customisable form files
  • Updated SFTP ciphers
  • Workspaces + SAML/JIT: additional integration
  • RESTful interfaces v1. Allows more granular administrative controls and other benefits
  • Listing to dataset, looping dataset (see Pro2col’s top tip on using loops in EFT 8.0.4)

EFT 8.0.5: Due for release shortly

Updates include:
  • Content adaptation, ICAP enhancements: support for adaptation (modification, redaction) in addition to blocking. Comprehensive update to ICAP for better control and integration with DLP devices, including Clearswift
  • Proxy protocol support: support for Proxy Protocol which allows for IP pass through of SFTP/FTPS connections for systems behind proxies for superior blacklisting of IPs, currently only supported for HTTPS
  • Various enhancements to the Web Transfer Client (WTC): automatic time-zone adjustment, easier branding via .js override, more languages. This provides the ability to view sent and received messages (including files) from within the WTC. Also includes a historical record of shared folder (Workspaces) transactions
  • Security: auto-DNS re-routing, PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliance, input character validation. EFT will automatically adjust to changes in dependent systems, for organisations with multiple DNS servers. Updated PCI coverage to comply with latest specification and already working on the next version of the standard
  • RESTful interfaces v2: continued exposure of EFT’s configuration settings via REST API end points. Now extended to include server, site, and settings template level settings
  • REST trigger: new event rule trigger that can be invoked via an admin specified end point
  • Bi-directional sync: new event rule for synchronising a local and remote directory, also available to EFT’s RAM (remote agents)
  • File action: updated event rule “file” action now append (in addition to create), read, rename, delete, and concatenate
Plus a number of other enhancements….


Pro2col will update you when this is available. Our EFT experts will provide a detailed technical top tip to help you get the most from these enhancements.


Globalscape product roadmap CONFIDENTIAL*

There are a number of key enhancements planned for the 2021 roadmap, across all aspects of EFT. The key focus is on being highly productive – by providing high security, high stability and ease of use, and the ability to integrate with other HelpSystems’ security solutions.


The most relevant of those include:

  • REST: continuing to build out RESTful interfaces. This will enable users to better integrate with EFT and other middleware, interact with cloud applications, build out web administrative interfaces, and provide better security – among many other benefits
  • Security: update the PGP libraries, support for TLS 1.3, better experiences for certificates – e.g.: warnings when SSL certificate expires
  • Scalability: for example, making it easier to migrate from a single node EFT solution to a cluster to support DR, HA. Therefore improving internode communication
  • Further integration with other HelpSystems’ security tools. Data classification, improved integration with Clearswift DLP, integrations with DRM (Vera)

Your Globalscape products now offer more integration capabilities than ever before. Speak to our experts today to learn how your existing infrastructure can integrate with other elements of the HelpSystems portfolio.

*This information is provided for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and is not a binding commitment. The development, timing and release of any products remains at the sole discretion of HelpSystems and is subject to change. The roadmap will be flexible to meet customer requirements over the course of the year so if you have particular requests, please let your account manager know.



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