Globalscape release latest version of EFT™ 7.2

Improve Processes. Reduce Costs. Save Time.

In this latest version, Globalscape have enhanced their data automation tool; Event Rules, organisations can now deliver data without the common risks and challenges that accompany manual processes, like work force limitations, vacations, turnover, or simple human error.


Below are a handful of the new features included in the release that will make it easier for administrators of EFT to manage, automate, and secure the data in their network:

Data Management Features for Administrators

  • Event Rule Folders – Administrators can organise Event Rules into folders
  • Event Rule Administrator – Administrators can assign an Event Rule “sub admin” permission to manage only Event Rules
  • Granular Permissions -Administrators can assign granular permissions (write, read, delete and manage) to a group or a specific administrator for Commands, Advanced Workflows, Connection Profiles, or Event Rules
  • Connection Profiles – Each server to which the Event Rules need to connect can be defined in reusable Connection Profiles. When anything having to do with that connection needs to change (host, port, etc) it can be changed in the centralised Connection Profile

Enhanced Transparency, Control, and Security Features

  • Change Log – The Change Log, when enabled, keeps track of any changes made to an Event Rule to keep a history and provide traceability
  • Export/Import Event Rules – When a server is migrated from test to production, exporting the Event Rules and then importing the resulting XML file allows customers to more easily migrate their Rules
  • Backup/Restore server configuration wizard now includes backup/restore for node-specific data and cluster-shared data
  • New Event Rule Actions:
    • Decompress/compress files
    • Create, rename, and delete files and folders
    • Initiate pre- and post-command options, such as folder/file creation/remove/rename and send commands to a mainframe
    • Invoke Web Services to connect to a URL and perform GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE operations to/from remote servers that RESTful Web API calls
    • A new Context Variable Condition allows you to add context variables to Event Rules as Conditions

With these enhanced Event Rules, EFT can truly act as a gateway to the internal network, requiring you to open only one port to the external network, and then back-office mainframes and other applications can easily push and pull data to and from EFT to communicate with the outside world.


EFT Version 7.1.5 was released to combine several private patch releases for our existing customers, and to add a new advanced property to ignore virtual folders during user-quota calculations.

Virtual folders point to physical folders on your computer or another system, similar to Windows shortcuts. Removing virtual folders from a user’s quota calculations allows the user to have additional storage that is remote to EFT, without it counting toward the user’s allotted EFT disk space.


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