How to Control and Improve the Use of Workspaces in Your EFT System

#7 TOP TIP for Globalscape EFT Server
In version 7.1 of EFT, Globalscape introduced the Workspaces module.  This enables users to share data with external parties via the web interface.  Workspaces will automatically create the account for the external user reducing the load on the EFT administrator. Various authentication options can be configured for third party users to ensure compliance with your security policy.


Workspaces is an additional module and is designed to work with the Web Transfer Client.

In 7.1 and 7.2, all users who have access to the Web Transfer Client on a site with Workspaces can utilise the module.  If you need to provide access to a subset of your users i.e., just marketing, your options include:

  • restrict access to the Web Transfer Client. Without it, users can only work through the basic web transfer client which does not support the Workspaces functionality.
  • Upgrade to 7.3.3. This includes an option to explicitly enable the creation of Workspaces on a user profile or within the users Settings Template.
  • Finally, you could also build a new site specifically for Workspace users. This could be based on a specific AD group.  Workspaces can be enabled on a per site basis.  If you are using the Gateway, it will need to be licensed to support multiple sites.  This option allows you to bind the site’s IP to a dedicated Domain Name if preferred.

As of version 7.2, you can set an expiration date for each Workspace. One use case we have already seen for this is managing tender responses.  The Workspace was set to expire at the same time as the tender ends and at that point the external third parties cannot transfer data to and from the shared area.

Another useful addition to Workspaces functionality was the Outlook plugin introduced in EFT 7.3 This provides a simple interface for internal users to share files by creating a “new” paperclip attachment icon. When this is used, it will send the attachment to a folder and share it with the email addresses in the “to” field. Settings can also force any attachment over a specified size to be sent via Workspaces.


NB Unlike Web Transfer Clients, Workspaces are licensed on the number of users who can create a Workspace.

Globalscape have recently developed the Workspaces module. You can find out more about new features and enhancements in this video, New features in EFT 7.4.



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