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MFT Buyer's Guide

We have distilled the essential information into this guide, which includes:

  • Explanation of MFT and whether you have a current or future business need.
  • A series of common business problems MFT solves, including automation, security and visibility.
  • Which MFT features or modules address which requirement?
  • MFT use cases by industry.
  • Advice for the different stages of an MFT project.
  • Access to more downloadable resources to help with the different stages of your MFT project.

Digital Transformation White Paper

This White Paper is for you if you are:

  • Just starting out with your digital transformation.
  • Are already underway but have hit roadblocks.
  • You are not sure how to achieve your goals.

You will get a clear understanding of the role Managed File Transfer and data integration technologies play in delivering all aspects of your data strategy, improving operational processes and security by integrating business applications.

Information Gathering Guide

This resource contains forty questions to help scope your Managed File Transfer requirements correctly. It is based on many years’ experience scoping file transfer projects, which our consultants have compiled into these information gathering questions.

Answering them will help you identify the current and future business problems you need to address and help pinpoint your requirements. This is the first step in finding the right solution.