Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM) Module

Analyze captured data immediately using preconfigured reports, or custom design your own reports.

EFT’s Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM) captures all of the transactions passing through the EFT platform and then allows you to query the data and view reports from EFT’s Administrative console. You can analyse captured data immediately using the preconfigured reports, or custom design your own with the included report designer.

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Key Features

EFT with ARM captures significantly more data points than standard file logging. Data is stored in real time in a relational database, which you can then query from the EFT Administrator, or query directly from your own reporting system.

Query live data and pull it into a report in seconds. When a report is executed, EFT with ARM connects to the database and retrieves audited data based on the specified criteria and generates a report you can view directly in the EFT Administrative console. Use the preconfigured reports, or create your own reports using the visually-based report designer.
Search for a particular transaction from a specified date range. You can also select a report and then perform searches on it for even more granular analysis, filtering the results based on multiple criteria such as time, protocol, IP, file name, or bytes transferred. EFT with ARM enables you to find out what is happening and analyze why quickly and efficiently. You can export reports in .html, .pdf, .vp, or .txt formats.
The included preconfigured reports have been carefully selected based on extensive interviews and research into the most important reporting needs, such as troubleshooting, nonrepudiation, billing, and trending.

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