Working With Your Reseller

As a consultancy specialising in managed file transfer, Pro2col is frequently asked to work alongside or through a customer’ incumbent reseller. We understand that this makes life easier for you, your procurement team and we’re keen to work with resellers to help them sell managed file transfer technologies.

If you are keen to progress with the software and services package we’ve recommended, and you’d prefer to work through a reseller please let your account manager know. We can then engage with them and your procurement team to ensure that we achieve the end goal of delivering you the solution you need, with the minimum of fuss.

Speak to your account manager or the pre-sales team on +44 (0) 20 7118 9640.


Globalscape Professional Services Provider


Colyer London have been working with Pro2col since 2004.  Relying on their extensive product knowledge and technical expertise, Pro2col have assisted us in the supply and integration of specialist file transfer solutions for many of our customers.  From consultancy through to after sales care, Pro2col can help to find the right solution to meet your business’ needs.

Jonathan Lyons

Computing & Technical Director, Colyer London

Working with Pro2col proved to be highly successful, they offered deep insight into different B2B information exchange platforms, allowing a joint decision to ensure the best fit tooling was implemented successfully for our customer.

Craig Devlin

Business Development Manager , Seric Systems

Pro2col brought with them their specialist knowledge in the area of secured file transfer technology. We were able to quickly satisfy the needs of our client by having a product fit, backed by full support without us need to spend time on researching and trailing many solutions until we found the right one.

Gordon Fong

Managing Director, e-mango