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for Globalscape EFT Server

On 6th June 2018, Globalscape invited users to an exclusive webinar, briefing them on short-term development goals for EFT Express, Enterprise and the new cloud-based solution, EFT Arcus.

Most UK customers were unable to attend, so we’ve shared the key points below. This information is for existing Globalscape users only and we are sharing this in confidence.

The key areas for development include ease of use, cloud delivery and visibility. We are pleased to see the GDPR compliance enhancements, which include additional tools to control data access and specific audit requirements.

All these planned enhancements are driven by customer feedback. Pro2col consultants communicate directly to Globalscape’s product development team, so if you have any comments on these or any aspects of EFT, please contact your account manager.

If you would like more details on what is planned for any of these areas, please get in touch and we will share details confidentially, on a one-to-one basis.

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