WAFS™ – Wide Areas File Services

Synchronises files, simplifies collaboration, eliminates errors, and decreases bandwidth usage. Files can be located anywhere in the world, even in the cloud, providing remote file access from anywhere. Reduces 95% of network traffic by transparently replicating files between servers or desktops on any scale, while boosting performance. With the WAFS Vault, there’s no need for a backup solution in every office. All locations save their documents to the Vault.

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Key Features

  • Synchronise files anywhere in the world

    The vault can be located anywhere in the world or even in the cloud. The vault keeps past versions of the data. If a corrupted file is saved or if the file is deleted, you can quickly get the past version (uncorrupted/non-deleted) from the vault. Or, maybe you just need to see the old version because changes were made to the file you did not want. In any case, that file is there, in the vault.

  • Easy access and no lost documents

    The Vault guards against data loss and corruption by saving both current and past uncorrupted documents for easy access.

  • Real-time file locking

    WAFS prevents files from being worked on at the same time by multiple people. As soon as you open a file, it’s locked. No one else can work on the file. Once you’re done, all of your changes are there, real-time, as soon as the file is opened by someone else.

  • Work offline with automatic file synchronisation

    Continue working on documents offline by accessing them on your desktop. When the Agent goes back online, it performs an initial synchronisation with the Vault.

  • File replication and working at LAN speeds

    File replication ensures that current files are accessible anywhere on the WAN. And when you pair Autodesk® Revit® Worksharing capabilities with WAFS by Globalscape, users from locations across the world can access and share files over a WAN at LAN speeds. This means faster and more reliable element borrowing and multi-user access to entire worksets.

  • Deployment Options:

    • One-way file replication that provides mirroring / backup to single location
    • Multi-directional file replication that synchronises files between multiple locations