Infographic: WAFS vs. Traditional File Replication Tools


File sharing across domains, with multiple organisations?

This infographic below details how to save precious time and money with Wide Area File Services in place.

Traditional File Replication Tools vs WAFS Infographic

When collaborating on a global scale, architecture, engineering, and construction firms need a heavy-duty solution to support their biggest, most critical file sharing requirements. Wide Area File Services (WAFS™) by Globalscape is the premier tool for data exchange at the highest level, promoting speed, accuracy, security, compliance, and business continuity.

Superior speed

Huge BIM and CAD files eat up large chunks of bandwidth when sent continuously back and forth in the production process, resulting in a costly and time-consuming burden for development teams and IT departments alike. With WAFS, incremental updates of file changes reduce redundant traffic and save precious bandwidth resources.

Total synchronisation

When multiple, globally dispersed teams collaborate on a large-scale project, productivity takes a backseat unless everyone is kept in the loop with the latest, most relevant file versions. WAFS syncs all participants with the same updated resources to eliminate discrepancies, all while preserving the original, unmodified version in a dedicated archive environment.

Surefire security

Data security is a top priority when coordinating a file-heavy project across regional gaps, and the more collaborators involved in the production process, the greater the likelihood of a devastating data breach. With 63 percent of employees admitting to neglecting file sharing best practices, the centralised storage of WAFS is a powerful protector against risk.

Audit accountability

Unregulated and unwieldy workflows not only slow down production processes, they also make auditing and compliance demands much more difficult to fulfil. The automated, standardised workflows offered by WAFS ensure that administrators have total visibility of their digital assets, fostering accountability across teams.

Resilient continuity

Network outages and server failures are a harsh reality for global collaborators, and relying on a highly dispersed storage architecture can dramatically heighten these risks. Thankfully, WAFS is built with a centralised portal that keeps critical files safe and ready for restoration in an emergency situation.