A round up of Globalscape’s Official

UK & Ireland user group 2020

Globalscape’s Official UK & Ireland User Group 2020 events took place this week in London and Manchester.

Director of Product Strategy Robert Oslin took users through the new functionality of EFT 2020 (8.0), which includes impressive new compliance functionality.


“Recently privacy has become a central topic and really important to our customers and compliance around GDPR. So we looked at EFT and looked at all the areas it would touch files that could contain personal data. With EFT 2020 we implemented a number of administrative controls to make sure users remain compliant and to give end users of the system the ability to exercise their privacy rights.”

Robert Oslin
Senior Director of Product Strategy, Globalscape

The compliance functionality includes:

  • Detailed controls limiting who has access to what. This can even limit administrators’ access to personal data
  • Settings which map to the sections of the GDPR
  • Built in risk assessment report to identify compliance fails
  • The ability to assign tasks to Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Robert’s session was followed by a lively Q&A, roadmap and an afternoon training based on what delegates wanted to learn.

Delegate Kai Ng from Pension Services Corporation described it as “a good event with lots of ideas to take away.”

Darren Evans from Williams Lea said: “I found the day very informative and it’s given me some more ideas about how I can make better use of EFT within our organisation.”

Other changes released in EFT 2020 (8.0) include enhanced automation, general security features and improved visibility to help give administrators the overall picture of what is going on in the product.

Contact us to request access to the slides and videos or to arrange a demo of Globalscape’s EFT Server.