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Upgrading from 6.x up to EFT 7.3.x

Apr 28, 2017 | EFT, Top Tips

We are increasingly coming across old EFT systems which are running on old physical servers and out of date software. In many cases, these solutions are also out of maintenance.   We have streamlined a process to get you from your old EFT system up to the latest EFT, whilst leaving the original system in tact so as to have minimal impact at switch over.

In essence, we take a copy of your config and apply it to a temporary server running the same version of EFT as your current system.   On this temporary system, we run some basic tests and then upgrade the system through the intermediary versions, up to the final version.

Once the software is at its final version, the config can be exported and moved to a freshly prepared server, running the latest version of EFT.   This process also allows you to upgrade the server OS to a later, more supportable version and can enable you to move from physical to virtual servers at the same time if desired.   This is even more important as the latest versions of EFT are no longer supported on Windows 2008 or earlier.

Areas for consideration include:


There have been several licence model changes in version 7 EFT at various stages. In some cases, your old licence keys may not work.  We need to arrange for new format licence.

Maintenance and Support

Many of the systems we come across have lapsed support contracts. Before you can start this process, you will need to have a valid support contract and Pro2col can assist with setting this up for you.

Auditing and Reporting Database

If you are using the ARM database, additional steps will be needed to upgrade the database format and version so that it is compatible with the new version of EFT.

Health Checks and Consolidation

If the system is several years old and uses event rules, these should be reviewed. The business process may have changed making the workflow redundant or the new functionality may provide a more efficient methodology. Consolidating rules, cleaning up of unused accounts and removing sites which are no longer needed can make the whole upgrade process smoother and leave the final system in a much healthier state.

Operating System and Hardware Upgrades

With such a major change to your EFT solution, it may be a good time to upgrade the operating system for your server and even moving from Physical servers to Virtual servers. Pro2col would always recommend an operating system update and with some OS’s being many years old and either out of support or approaching the EOL dates with Microsoft.

REMINDER – v7.3.6 is the latest version EFT release – Make sure you are up to date!


The new version of EFT includes several  new features. These include added support for HA clusters in Amazon AWS as well as supporting Windows 2016. Support for Windows 2008 has be removed. OCSP Stapling is now supported for the HTTPS interface to allow for certificate revocation status of connecting clients.

SMTP functionality has been improved including support for SMTP over TLS/SSL connections and support for GMAIL SMTP Server. Workspaces has been significantly improved with the ability to send (email) files out from within Workspaces and a pick-up (download) portal for received files.


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