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Upgrade to EFT 7.4.5

Nov 24, 2017 | News

You’ll be pleased to know that EFT 7.4.5 is now available, including enhancements to existing modules and two new ones. We recommend you upgrade as soon as possible.


New modules and enhancements


7.4.5 includes enhancements to Workspaces and Insight, plus two new modules you can purchase (EFT Enterprise only):


  • The Remote Agent Module (RAM) allows organisations to perform unattended file transfers between remote locations and corporate headquarters with centralised control.
  • The Cloud Connector Module (CCM) gives IT admins a way to securely support data transfers to and from cloud storage or containers like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.

Globalscape’s Vice-President of Software Engineering Gregory Hoffer explains enhancements and new modules in EFT 7.4.5. This was filmed at the recent user group event in London.

Upgrade to 7.4.5 now

If you are currently running version 7.2 or above, you will not need a new licence number. Upgrade to EFT 7.4.5 here.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, please contact the support team  with your current licence number and we can take you through the process.

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