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How to Trigger a Notification When a File is Not Received

Jan 31, 2017 | EFT, Top Tips

EFT, like many other MFT solutions, can trigger processes when key files are uploaded to the system. This all works fine but in some cases you need to know when a file has NOT been received by a key time.

One of the simplest ways of achieving this is to have a trigger file which is deleted when the critical file is uploaded.

For our example, let’s assume we need a file to be uploaded by a bank using the user account “mark” before 5PM. As it may take a reasonable time to upload the file, we want to know if it has been uploaded by 4PM in order to chase the bank.

Three separate rules are required to get this working.

  1. A rule to create the trigger file daily at a specific time.
  2. A rule to remove the trigger file when the critical file transfer happens.
  3. An Action rule for notifying key users that the transfer has not happened.

The first rule is simple to setup.

Create a scheduled rule to run at midnight with a “Perform File Operation” action. This should create a file with a known name. E.G. Create a file called D:\Staging\Critical Files\Staging.txt

The next event rule is a simple upload successful rule, which will delete the trigger file when the actual file is uploaded by the bank. Ensure that the upload is restricted to the key user or folder to mitigate risk.

The final stage is the action for the non-event itself. Set a scheduled task to run at 4PM each day, which checks if the trigger file exists. If it does exist then the “warning” email is triggered to the interested party informing them that the file transfer has not happened.

This is a scheduled rule to run either before or at the expected time.

There are alternative techniques to check if the file has been uploaded. If the filename of the uploaded file has a predictable name, then event rules can be built to scan for the existence of this file and send an email if it does not exist. There are scenarios where that could fail if the file is removed for processing before the “check” time.

The above uses functionality built in as standard in EFT Enterprise. To achieve this on EFT SMB, will require the Timer and File Transfer Client modules. Alternatively a similar set of event rules could be built with EFT SMB using simple “command” scripts and a combination of event rules and the Windows scheduler. Please contact Pro2col and we can advise on how this can be achieved.

More complicated methods can also be used to achieve the above using combinations of the ARM and AWE modules.

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