#17 TOP TIP 

for Globalscape EFT Server

This top tip looks at Insight Module; a valuable EFT add-on that allows you to identify if a transfer has not happened before a service level agreement (SLA) is breached.

For many organisations, the first indication that a transfer has not happened, is a call from a user who is missing the file. If there is a SLA in place for the delivery of that file, then the phone call inevitably comes after the SLA has been breached.

EFT’s optional add-on module – Insight – allows you to identify if a transfer has not happened before the SLA is breached. It provides a detailed level of reporting and monitoring of your SLAs that cannot be achieved with EFT alone.

EFT Insight Module

EFT Insight Module provides the following:

  • Real time status of your servers and sites
  • Views of transfers in and out of your system
  • A dashboard giving key system statistics
  • The run history of event rules configured on your system

Expectations feature

EFT Insight contains a feature called ‘expectations’. This allows you to build out a rule to check if a file transfer has been completed. The system will send you an email if the transfer has not taken place by a certain time.

By setting the expectation-check for before the file is needed, you have advanced warning and time to contact the sender and address any difficulties BEFORE the SLA is breached.

Expectations can be set for filenames, file sizes, senders or for transfers. You can also track timeframes and a certain number of files. So – for example – you can set a rule to check that at least three files of 100KB or more have been uploaded from a specific group of users, with a file name starting ‘finance’. The screenshot below shows this particular example.

Notifications are not limited to the support email address. They can be set up to go to a third party, account manager or anyone else who needs to know if the transfer has not occurred.

Complex expectations

You can also set complex expectations to track if several event rules have triggered, and raise alerts if they have not. Account managers, for example, can set it up to be notified if there is an issue with one or more of the event rules for their accounts. These can be specific to a customer SLA or a standard format across all accounts.


When a transfer fails, Insight really speeds up the troubleshooting process. It accurately pinpoints which of several steps in an event rule failed, meaning you can quickly identify the problem. You do not need to go through the cumbersome process of analysing logs to see where the event rule failed.

Finally, Insight displays high-level information in a dashboard view. Errors are highlighted and can be addressed quickly. Failed logins, PCI compliance, most active user tables and other KPIs can also be displayed in the summary screen, as pictured.

Insight is available on EFT Enterprise and SMB. More information is available here.
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