#30 TOP TIP 

for Globalscape EFT Server

Most businesses need to operate between remote locations. That might be to exchange data between head office and branch locations, for example, or execute programs remotely.

Traditionally, this is achieved by using Windows task scheduler on the remote machines to periodically execute scripts or exchange files with a central FTP server. But as requirements grow, it becomes unsustainable, with the potential for human error and security vulnerabilities.

The Remote Agent Module (RAM) for EFT Server allows you to place an agent on an external system, which EFT is aware of and can be centrally managed. This agent can react and respond to triggering events on the remote machine, then perform actions such as copying files back into EFT Server or uploading them onto another third party server. The centrally managed deployment simplifies propagating any changes to the remote machines.

Some examples include automating interactions between your EFT server and the following:

  • Branch offices
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Business partners
  • Field agent laptops
  • Other remote systems

This allows organisations to quickly scale and meet business needs in real time.

You can find out more about RAM in this video from Globalscape’s Head of Product Roberto Garcia. This was filmed at the Pro2col and Globalscape event ‘MFT & Digital Transformation Success’, on 5th March 2019. Accompanying slides are available in the Globalscape Resource Portal.

Get in touch to find out more about RAM or to arrange a demo.