Do you need help with a client’s Globalscape EFT requirements?

We have over 15 years’ experience working with file transfer technology and are Globalscape’s Master Partner for the UK.

During that time we have delivered hundreds of Globalscape EFT solutions, plus continued support for the life-cycle of the file transfer project.

Re-sellers and consultants who don’t have knowledge of file transfer software work with us to deliver Globalscape EFT requirements for their clients.

How we can help with your client requirement

As Globalscape’s UK Master Partner, we are in the best possible position to help you with anything from support contracts, new modules or brand new EFT implementations.

Due to our strong relationship with Globalscape and our expertise, we can add real value and streamline the process for you. As a result, you will only improve your relationship with your customer and sell Globalscape EFT.

Speed up the process

We work closely with Globalscape and have partner agreements in place, which allow us to process orders quickly and easily.


Our technical experts will work alongside you, adding on-hand expertise to your team. That includes installations and ongoing support.

Free trials

We can arrange and install free software trials and proof of concept, so your client has confidence and peace of mind that the solution is right for them.

Deal reg

We have access to the Globalscape deal registration process, which prevents the opportunity being worked by anyone else.


Our technical engineers use our demo environments to show the software and answer any questions your client may have.

Work with Globalscape

We liaise directly with Globalscape to arrange purchasing and license delivery, ensuring a smooth process for your customer at all times.

Discuss a client requirement

Jasmina Chehlarova, Channel Manager, Pro2col

Jasmina heads up our Channel Team and will explain how we can help you. Fill out the form and James will be in contact.



Add Globalscape EFT file transfer software and professional services to your portfolio

Whether you have experience selling SFTP or Managed File Transfer solutions, or no file transfer experience at all, you will probably have customers using these products. Businesses use it to manage the secure transfer of data inside and outside of the organisation. And if they are not yet using it, they really should be!

This technology is our sole focus. Our vendor-relationships and expertise make us the perfect partner to embed this technology into your portfolio of products and services. Do you want to cater for your clients secure data transfer needs? Provide the best price for software? Deliver excellent support and consultancy? Get in touch to discuss how you can start selling Globalscape EFT now.

Benefits to partnering with Pro2col

We can help you sell Globalscape EFT software and services to new customers or support existing EFT users. There are a number of ways we can support your organisation and ensure you have happy customers.

The best margins that get better

We will agree margins, which will increase as revenue rises. As Globalscape Master Partners we have access to the best deals and can pass that on to you.

Resources and collateral

We can provide resources and collateral to help support your conversations and educate your customers. All written by EFT experts.

Lead generation assistance

Our in-house marketing team can help you generate leads with campaigns that we have tested and run ourselves. They will liaise with you and coordinate campaigns, reporting and content to identify possible prospects.

Add support to your portfolio

Pro2col are UK Master Partners for Globalscape EFT Server. We are trusted to provide UK support, and are regarded as an extension of the Globalscape team.

Pre-sales technical support

Our technical engineers can join your calls, adding expertise, answering questions and promoting trust. We will become part of your team.

File transfer sales training

We will help your team understand file transfer and what ‘hooks’ to look out for. The file transfer sales cycle tends to follow a similar path, so we can guide your team and customer through the stages.



What do Globalscape say about us?

“Pro2col is one of our preferred partners in the UK, providing software support for the Globalscape products. They have highly technically trained staff and essentially serve as an extension of the Globalscape team in the UK.”

Some of our current partners

“Working with Pro2col proved to be highly successful, they offered deep insight into different B2B information exchange platforms, allowing a joint decision to ensure the best fit tool was implemented successfully for our customer

Craig Devlin, Seric Systems

“Colyer London have been working with Pro2col since 2004.  Relying on their extensive product knowledge and technical expertise, Pro2col have assisted us in the supply and integration of specialist file transfer solutions for many of our customers.  From consultancy through to after sales care, Pro2col can help to find the right solution to meet your business’ needs.

Jonathan Lyons, Colyer London

“Pro2col brought specialist knowledge in the area of secured file transfer technology. We were able to quickly satisfy the needs of our client by having a product fit, backed by full support without us need to spend time on researching and trialing many solutions until we found the right one..”

Gordon Fong, Kimcell Ltd