Mail Express

Mail Express allows email attachments to be transferred easily and securely, while maintaining the mechanics of the email attachment from the sender’s perspective. Using the Microsoft Outlook Add-In or the secure web portal, Mail Express gives individuals the ability to seamlessly send email attachments as they always have, while adding IT control, auditng, policy-compliance, and self-maintaining storage behind the scenes.

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Key Features

  • Encrypt email messages and attachments

    With Secure Message enabled, intercepted messages won’t violate company compliance standards. The Mail Express Secure Message option secures the content of email messages, whether sending from Microsoft Outlook or the web portals. The recipient logs in to the secure web portal to view the message and download any attachments.

  • Process files with anti-virus or data loss prevention tools

    Content Inspection integrates with antivirus scanners and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) tools to permit or prevent file transfers based on your organisation’s policies, ensuring;
    – Email is free of malware
    – Employees are not sharing confidential/ proprietary information
    – No transfers contain nonpublic information, such as PHI (protected health information) and PFI (personal financial information)
    – Employees maintain compliance with PCI DSS requirements regarding DLP

  • Securely email files of all sizes

    Simple, secure (HTTPS) file exchange via email, unlimited file size, Outlook integration, and encryption of both the message and the attachments, meeting privacy standards established by HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, PCI DSS, and others.
    Mail Express provides the ability to exchange files of virtually unlimited size with internal and external partners using Outlook or a web browser, without worrying about mail-server restrictions or requiring user training.

  • View and track email files from start to finish

    View and track email attachments of virtually any size with Mail Express. Seamlessly and easily send email attachments while adding IT control, auditing, compliance, and self-maintaining storage, with detailed package tracking for both user and administrator.

  • Deployment Options:

    • Database can be local or external to the Mail Express server
    • Outlook Add-in easily deployed using existing IT infrastructure (GPO, SCCM)
    • On premises or hosted in the cloud

“When we first saw Globalscape Mail Express, we realised that this was perfect for ADL. The fileshare portal was simple and easy to use, and we wanted to give our consultants and customers a simple solution. Mail Express provides an easy-to-implement and reliable file transfer solution at a great price. Pro2col delivered the solution on time and budget, and continue to provide us with UK based support.”

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Gareth Oxlade, Head of IT, UK, Arthur D Little