Globalscape continue to make progress with Mail Express with the release of version 4. Globalscape has continued to improve Mail Express’s feature set as they look to build on a strong version 3 with the inclusion of some additional options which bring it inline with some of the leading solutions, whilst alligning it more with enterprise deployments.

Changes in Mail Express 4.0


  • File-type exclusion added to Internal Portal and Outlook Add-In

    — Administrators can prevent internal users from sending certain types of files. The user may still be able to send the files without Mail Express, if the Outlook Add-In is configured to allow it. The system notifies users if they attempt to send files with a restricted extension, allowing them to remove the restricted file.


  • Password policy added for Internal user accounts

    — Administrators can specify password reset, expiration, reuse, and user notification of password expiration. The settings apply to internally managed account, external user accounts, and administrator accounts.


  • Account lockout added for Internal user accounts

    — When using Active Directory for user authentication, a user (or malicious user) could lock themselves out of their account with too many failed attempts to log in. Mail Express provides the ability to lockout a user prior to the AD lockout, and the ability for the administrator to manually lock or unlock the account.


  • Increased Client Access Licenses (CAL) available to 100,000 (depending on the number purchased).

    — The total number of CAL available is displayed on the General Configuration page under Licensing and Registration. The number of licenses consumed is displayed on the Mail Express Status page.


  • Administrator can configure FIPS 140-2-compliant protocol (TLS)

    — and algorithms for communication across the system (to support HIPAA compliance) on the General Configuration page under Enhanced Communication Security.


  • The Outlook Add-In (OAI)

    — OAI can connect to a newer version of Mail Express Server. However, an OAI cannot connect to an older Mail Express Server. This setting allows existing clients to connect when the Server is upgraded, without immediately upgrading the OAI to the new version (within 2 minor versions, that is, 4.0 to 4.1 and 4.2)

If you would like find out how Globalscape Mail Express could solve your person to person file sharing challenges, contact Globalscapes Master Partner for the UK, Pro2col on 0333 123 1240.