Workspaces is an on-premises file sharing solution that allows employees to securely share folders and files with any other user, while IT retains governance, visibility, and control. Because Workspaces is based on the EFT platform, IT enjoys all the benefits of a Managed File Transfer solution, including the highest level of security; PCI compliance; multiple protocols to access files from client software in both interactive and batch modes; multiple authentication models including two-factor authentication; and application integration and workflow automation capabilities.

Security Features

  • Configurable, enforceable read/write permissions
  • Multiple secure protocols, including HTTPS, FTP, FTPS and SFTP
  • EFSS Solution that supports customisable workflow automation
  • Secure, controlled, local storage behind company firewalls and gateways
  • IT control and oversight
  • Support for all features and benefits of EFT™
Download the Workspaces Data Sheet

Contact a solutions specialist to upgrade to EFT 7.1 and get a free trial of EFT with Workspaces.


Workspaces is an on-premises sharing solution that provides user access without IT giving up control;

  • IT administrators can delegate the power of managing shared folders with existing and new users without losing governance, visibility and control.
  • End users are given a tool that fulfills the workflows they have become used to in a way that conforms to corporate policy.
  • Highest levels of security, regulatory compliance, flexible authentication and data encryption.
  • Only enterprise file, sync, and share solutions that supports versatile and extensible workflow automation (via EFT Event Rules).
  • Unique industry support for multiple protocols.