Globalscape has made its award-winning managed file transfer solution available on mobile devices. Available this March, Globalscape’s new Mobile Transfer Client™ (MTC) will give employees secure anytime, anywhere access to corporate data while giving IT numerous policies or controls for preventing data leakage or unauthorised access.
These controls remove the security and compliance risks of employees storing sensitive corporate data on mobile devices by automatically clearing temporary files after they are viewed within the integrated viewer, and by optionally preventing files from being opened in other apps or shared with other users.

MTC integrates directly with Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer™ platform to give IT administrators complete control over the files and information being shared by employees that are working remotely.

The solution provides:

  • Military-grade mobile data security:

    MTC keeps files safe and secure while in transit and while at rest. MTC ensures that only authorised personnel can access information, and encrypts files in a storage vault for users that need to work offline.

  • Complete visibility:

    MTC automatically creates an audit trail for compliance and gives IT full visibility into who accessed information, and how, where, and when it was shared.

  • Centralised policy control:

    IT teams can create and enforce a number of security policies around mobile information access and sharing, data permanence on the mobile device, and password storage policies.

    A recent Globalscape survey of more than 500 professionals found that more than 60 per cent of employees use unsecured, consumer-grade channels, like personal email, remote devices, and ‘box’ cloud storage providers, to transfer confidential business information. One reason employees rely on these tools, according to the report, is the lack of mobile functionality in their company-offered tools.

“Productivity is more important to most employees than data security and compliance. If organisations fail to give their employees an easy way to access and share files on their mobile devices, they’ll turn to non-sanctioned and unsecured tools,” said James Bindseil, president and CEO of Globalscape. “The onus is on IT departments to provide secure and easy-to-use managed file transfer tools that meet the needs of their employees, regardless of whether they are at work, on the road, or working remotely.”

MTC will be available in March to customers using Enhanced File Transfer version 6.5.16 or later, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Contact Pro2col, Globalscape’s Master Partner for the UK, for a demonstration of Mobile Transfer Client™ on 0333 123 1240.