In addition to securing email attachments, Globalscape Mail Express® now secures the transmission of both the content of a message as well as attachments, creating an end-to-end encrypted transaction for those occasions where message confidentiality is of the utmost concern.

As a part of doing business, employees must exchange sensitive emails with customers and partners. Mail Express can optionally process the content of a message, in addition to any attachments, creating an end-to-end encrypted transaction, protecting sensitive or confidential information as it’s sent.

How Mail Express Secure Email Transmission Works;

  • When composing messages in Outlook or the Web, users can choose (or IT policies will enforce) to have Mail Express process the attachment, message body, or both.
  • Mail Express then securely sends the message and attachment to the Mail Express server and simultaneously sends a secure download link to the recipient.
  • The recipient can then click the link in the email (in any email application, including mobile), to securely download the attachment and read the message.
  • Using their default email application or the Mail Express reply portal, the user can then reply and attach files of their own, closing the secure loop.


James Bindseil, CEO of Globalscape

“It is imperative that organisations remain in control of their sensitive information. Often we see data breaches at the hands of employees, resulting in compliance violations. With our new enhanced encryption capabilities in Mail Express, we are continuing our forward progress in enabling IT teams to use added layers of security measures to control and monitor the movement of their sensitive information.”