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Globalscape EFT version 7.4 brings new functionality

Sep 4, 2017 | News

Globalscape EFT version 7.4Globalscape EFT Version 7.4 is the latest release across SMB and Enterprise. It includes new functionality, over 20 enhancements and 50 fixes.

Most of these are minor, but here are some to look out for that will make your life easier using Globalscape EFT Version 7.4.

Drain mode

When you stop an EFT server, it terminates all connections and running event rules. This can cause issues with part transfers. Using drain mode in Globalscape EFT Version 7.4 will allow you to block new connections and prevent event rules from triggering. This means you can bring the server down more cleanly. In drain mode all existing connections continue as normal until they disconnect. The system only completely stops when all connections have finished.

Save event rule transfer logs to ARM Help with troubleshooting

Event rules generate detailed log files when they attempt to connect to a remote host. These logs are especially useful for troubleshooting connection errors in event rules. They are saved to a separate table in the ARM database and you can use custom reports to retrieve this data. Be aware that if you do include the failed TED logs, your database growth rate will increase significantly. This could have implications for servers running SQL Express, which limits databases to 10GB. If your database is approaching this size, you may need a database purge. Contact the support team for assistance with this.

Web Transfer Client access is now included with HTTP/S

Globalscape have included the Web Transfer Client license as a part of the HTTPS module. This reduces the administrative burden on assigning web transfer clients directly to users. It should mean you can access the WTC when you access the HTTPS interface, unless you have had it explicitly removed.

Workspaces improvements

Globalscape have improved workspaces functionality with almost every release for the last year. The Globalscape EFT Version 7.4 additions are a drop-off and reply portal. The Drop-off portal is an “open” web page allowing external users to send files into your organisation using an internal user’s email address. You can add protection against malicious use through a captcha. Domain name restrictions can limit recipients to only internal email addresses.

You can also add a reply button on message notifications and pickup web pages. This means the recipient can send a file or comment back to the initial sender, allowing for two-way file communications.

Other minor additions include some configuration changes: You can create all Workspaces external users in a specified User Settings Template, as opposed to the default template.

Upgrading to Globalscape EFT version 7.4

Globalscape EFT Version 7.4 upgrades directly from versions 7.2 or 7.3. If you have an earlier version, you will need to upgrade to 7.2 or 7.3 first. You can download the update from the Globalscape support site. If you have any questions or would like assistance in upgrading your system, please contact the support team or email your sales representative.

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