EFT-logoGlobalscape have released version 7.2.1 of their Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise solution. This new release includes enhancements to the Workspaces module, an enterprise-level folder and file sharing solution that supports customisable workflow automation within EFT.

Main Updates to EFT Enterprise:

  • Faster Updates to Event Changes – The ability to fill in event changes asynchronously in High Availability Mode
  • Faster Automated Audits and Reports – Updated auditing and reporting module indexes for better performance
  • Latest Security Libraries – Updated Open SSL Library to 1.0.2f and increased SSH Server security with addition of SSH HMAC support to include SHA-256 and SHA-512 and reprioritising the default cipher and hashes lists.

…Plus These Enhancements to Workspaces:

Workspaces is a secure alternative to consumer grade, online file sharing tools. It leverages the robust functions of the EFT Enterprise platform by providing operational visibility, increased efficiency, enhanced data security and data management. EFT 7.2.1 includes the following improvements to Workspaces:

  • Secured Access and Collaboration – Users on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active (AD) sites can invite external users to share a Workspace –just by using an email address
  • Controlled Access for Increased Security – Automatically expire a Workspace after a specified number of days
  • Alert Notifications for Visibility – Edit the Workspaces notification email
  • Automated Security Function – New “Workspace Expired” event trigger
  • More Event Options for Flexibility – New Transfer Properties context variables for file upload/download events for Workspaces
  • More Event Rules Options – Notify Workspace owner that a file was uploaded (via Event Rule)
  • Visibility Enhancements for Better Diagnostics – Improved auditing and reporting of Workspaces activities

EFT 7.2.1 Workspaces

Globalscape End of Life Policy

Usually Globalscape “EOL” a product when there are two newer versions available. However, because of the number of customers who were still happily using version 6.5, they chose to delay the end of support for that version. Now the end date for EFT version 6.5 is on March 2, 2016.

If you have a current Maintenance and Support plan, you can get the upgrade to the new version for free. Why don’t you upgrade today?  If you don’t have a current maintenance plan – please contact one of our Globalscape consultants on 0207 118 9640.

Upgrading your EFT Environment

Upgrading EFT can appear daunting and time consuming, you have to backup your data, backup your settings, update your development “sandbox,” then push it to production–assuming everything goes well. Upgrading software like EFT can be a huge decision that might require approval from several departments, with pressure to ensure all goes smoothly.

Wait! – Pro2col can help!

Contact our support engineers today to plan your upgrade or get the upgrade instructions and your new registration serial number – support@pro2colgroup.com / 0333 123 1260.

Benefits to Upgrading to EFT 7.2.1

In addition to numerous fixes and improvements, the big changes made to EFT between EFT 6.5 and EFT 7.2.1:

  • High Availability, active-active clustering without the need for an external cluster manager
  • Event Rule enhancements
  • Latest Security Updates & Libraries
  • Addition of the Content Integrity Control module
  • A new HTML5-based Web Transfer Client
  • Faster performance for Auditing and Reporting
  • Enhancements to Workspaces