#33 TOP TIP 

for Globalscape EFT Server

With the release of EFT 2020 comes an array of new features with a primary focus on GDPR compliance as well as enhancements to auditing & reporting, extended functionality for event rules and a reworked Web Transfer Client.


GDPR features have been added to the Advanced Security Module (ASM) for EFT Enterprise and the Express Security Module (ESM) for Express.

The focus has been embedding compliance options into the application and giving administrators a clear overview of where they comply and with what article of GDPR. EFT sites now have a ‘web’ tab with a GDPR & DPIA section, this lists all relevant articles and lets administrators enter how they comply. Upon completing this a report can be run that will provide a risk score along with a breakdown of how that was calculated.

Event Rules

The changes to EFT Event Rules mean that more processes can be handled within the rules themselves, rather than having to call an advanced workflow. The primary changes that affect this are the new variable, sub routine and PowerShell actions.

As you would expect, the new variable action lets you create/set your own variables within event rules, these can be utilised so adjustments to rules are much easier to implement and these variables can also be passed to sub routines.

Sub routines are created like a regular event rule. When creating just specify sub routine as the trigger and these can then be called upon from a task. This can be useful for triggering another event if an action fails and overall providing better interoperability between your rules.

The PowerShell action allows custom scripts to be executed and has the ability to use and set variables within EFT, expanding the functionality and customisability of event rules greatly.

Event Rules apply for all for Enterprise users, and Express users with the File Transfer Client.

Auditing and Reporting Module

Another focus of improvement has been the auditing and reporting. Globalscape have optimised the generation of reports by adjusting the logic used as well as the EFT database structure. They’ve also increased the scope by adding new reports that can be generated.

Web Transfer Client

Finally, the Web Transfer Client has been completely reworked, providing not just a visual update but also improved performance and functionality to provide a better user experience. The Web Transfer Client is part of the base licence for Enterprise or HTTPS users for Express.

All these changes within EFT 2020 combine to provide the administrator with greater control and overview of their EFT installation, making for an easier system to both manage and maintain. 

If you would like our experts to upgrade your EFT server to the new version, please get in touch. Alternatively if you would like to add any of the modules to your infrastructure, contact us for a quote.