Workspaces Module

Secure file sharing across the enterprise

Workspaces is an on-premises file sharing solution that allows employees to securely share folders and files with any other user, while IT retains governance, visibility, and control. Because Workspaces is based on the EFT platform, IT enjoys all the benefits of a Managed File Transfer solution, including the highest level of security; PCI compliance; multiple protocols to access files from client software in both interactive and batch modes; multiple authentication models including two-factor authentication; and application integration and workflow automation capabilities.

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Key Features

Easy to use
Allow file sharing with users inside and outside of the business network without having to ask for help or violating internal policies. Workspaces makes it easy by enabling end-users to share via any web browser, allowing others to access, upload, and download folders and files. Empower employees to share files in the ways that they have become used to, but now they can do it in a secure way.

IT retains full control and visibility
IT has visibility into who shared which folders and with whom. Easily remove user accounts and sharing privileges, or even remove the folder from Workspaces. When users no longer need access to a shared Workspaces folder, you can remove the user account from just the Workspaces folder, or remove the user account altogether.

Remove the risks associated with the cloud
Unlike many cloud-based file sharing solutions, Workspaces is an on-premises solution that installs in your trusted network, with your own storage and network protections. IT can now deny access to cloud-based file sharing services within their organisation, because they have provided a safe alternative to their internal customers.